Wednesday, September 2, 2009



This peninsula
where the river enters
where the earth disappears
where moths and fish gather at
the light, where we swim
into each other, braced
in the sea cradle
in the rock

where the song breaks, here
the rolling lull of tongue,
where the water curves back
into itself        and again
the salted liquid
and sprays, so unlike
where we sink in
where we make room


Where there is
always a chance of being
misheard, like all things driven
through air        by wind
whole words might not reach
                their destination

Washed, still, dry and done with
our bodies, against
        the width of air
              alone with
our bodies, where

        Enclosed within-
our breath, to not
blow out candles
or feed fires


Graham Nunn said...

this is stunning amanda... it has its own pulse, a spiritual rhythm.

Jé Maverick said...

Keep singing. It's good for you. And for us.

Amanda Joy said...

Thanks Graham :)
"True observers of nature, although they may think differently, will still agree that everything that is, everything that is observable as a phenomenon, can only exhibit itself in one of two ways. It is either a primal polarity that is able to unify, or it is a primal unity that is able to divide. The operation of nature consists of splitting the united or uniting the divided; this is the eternal movement of systole and diastole of the heartbeat, the inhalation and exhalation of the world in which we live, act, and exist." ~Goethe writing on colour... I've been reading the most beautiful essay by John Barnes about Goethe and the Power of Rhythm.. the understandings he came to later in life..

Great to see you Je!


bruce_dorlova said...

dang. i do love to read you, poet.


this kindles.

arrowseye said...

and is that unifying/dividing polarity not more simply described as yin/yang ?

as for the poem , how it breathes like seaweed in the tide..your words as ethereal as your thoughts. ae.

barbkaus said...

So very beautiful!
Barbara (MySp)

Anonymous said...