Sunday, August 30, 2009

To Applause

“for someone in love with words,
it amazes me how fast you can move
to be free of them” ~James

Having been accused
in the past of lying,
she is mute.
Now, she repeats
certain movements all day,
etching each moment into
the musculature of her
body as proof.

He admires her form.
He writes to her of it, in angular words.
She places the softly crumpled sheets
of paper over her body
and strikes a match.

In each moment she still feels
the hundreds of fingertips
which have explored her histories,
only to become them.

He asks her questions
of corruption
and tenderness.
There are no answers.

He will come to understand
dissolution as she traces
each vertebrae of his spine
with her tongue.

With each calm stroke
warmly welcomed,
she smiles and gifts him
the strength to leave her.


Anonymous said...

Dear Amanda Joy
On Applause and On Warmth

The power of your poetry is in the truth you explore, share and the gift you bring, which lights us all along the way. Poetess let no part of you be amputated along the way, or when they are sing them back whole again for they can be expansive, the gift of the shadow side in the work of life and light. What shatters us also brightens us...

Prayers both of you, his spine and your tongue...

my best to you always and in all ways is given...

- from an admirer of your work

Khori O' Bruus said...

"hundreds of fingertips
which have explored her histories"

Yum, favorite line! :)

Jé Maverick said...

Stunning. The tongue on the vertebrae gave me goosebumps. :P

Graham Nunn said...

Love this even more Amanda after having heard you read this! Exquisite...


chanel said...

is this of an experience or a daydream?
pulled me right in. :)

Anonymous said...

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Nithin R S said...

Well o well,quite interesting..

"With each calm stroke
warmly welcomed,
she smiles and gifts him
the strength to leave her."

it takes some guts to share erotic emotions..

angel of lust said...

I spent quite a time surfing your blog. your poetry is unique; stemming right from your essence i must tell. raw.
This piece is just dazzling! Don't stop writing!!

danny cosmic microwave said...


tania lamond said...

you know how much i love this particular piece... i devoured it over and over for several hours on first read.

need i say more.