Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On Warmth (To Cross Out Each Sound With a Word)

“…don’t let any parts of us be amputated that could be expansive for us”

Coming back.
A map can be heard in a hive’s song of wings,
to follow, with soft dark feet. I have positioned
my chair about two metres behind the others,
the legs pushed deep into the turf.

Your hair is longer, more gray, your lips thinner.
A less dramatic sideshow. I follow your breath by
the lift and drop of your shoulders, the finger
tracing the podium.

The sun throbs behind my lobes. I am too far for
your words, just outside their reach, I imagine
skeins, some transparent consonants, stretching
towards me,

divest of their meaning, I could touch them, just
the sensation of an S whistled through the abacus
of your teeth, resting on my fingertips. I spread
my hands upwards

on my knees to catch them, the mathematics of
your sound. Later in bed, when you ask me what
I thought, I touch your lips, lean forward to push
my tongue into your mouth.
Into the swarm.


Graham Nunn said...

This is superb Amanda... lush and dripping with sensuality. So looking forward to hearing you read next weekend!

Amanda Joy said...

Thanks Graham, and right backatchya!
It'll be great to have you over this side of the island.

Richard Taylor said...

Interesting poem - in some ways sensual and direct but also complex as Donne's metaphysical 'conceits'. Some beautiful lines and some surprising metaphors.

Cheers, Richard

Anonymous said...

I love this piece, you have a clear voice; gravely like a modern Joni Mitchell but clear and pure.

"I follow your breath by the lift and drop of your shoulders, the finger tracing the podium."


bruce_dorlova said...

a moment on the lips

and your particular lightness of touch, aJoy.

ART said...

I'm a fan, put you in my bloglist.

Your poetry is exquisite and full of grace. Love them'

tania lamond said...

this is a favourite poem of yours.

"into the swarm"....that is a beyond perfect closing line.

i just love this piece so much.

Richard Taylor said...

Yes this is a great poem - a jeweled and sensual "machine made of words".

Rohini said...

Very descriptive and nicely written.Easy to picture everything as is.Nice!!

Alejandra Guevara said...

Your poetry is inspiring. Have an assignment to choose a poem to analyze. Wondering if you had a favorite?