Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Darwin's Orchid & Orchid Poems the chapbook

Darwin's Orchid

Single molecule
of moth pheromone
invisible in the immense
freight of pollen blown
over the desert

how halves relate
their common weight


The chapbook is out now and fabulous through mulla mulla press; click here ->Orchid Poems


Amanda Joy’s ability to locate the marvellous
within common ground, and her ear for just
the right cadence imbues her work with
gorgeous music. These orchid poems are
testament to her enduring gifts.

~Anthony Lawrence

Amanda Joy's new book is a series of fine
poems, the concept is delightful and smart,
each poem draws energy from a particular
type of orchid; as one turns the pages, the
static electricity between form and flower
crackles and flows from the act of reading.
These poems are as intriguing as their
subjects, delicate survivors, traced by a poet
alive with the wonder of her vision.

~Robert Adamson

We are travellers in this enchanted world of
orchidry, where poems are tropisms, leading
us through the chambers of desire. Joy’s
exquisite book of orchid poems coaxes an
inner experience from a masculine plant — a
feminine voice which transmits into
reverberating words: fractured propinquity,
charged botany, and interior voyages of the

~Claire Potter

AND... if you're in Queensland, or feel like a trip to Queensland, I'm very excited to be reading at the Queensland Poetry Festival along with some amazing

Sandra Thibodeaux / Sawako Nakayasu / Jacob Polley / Zenobia Frost / Kate Fagan / Helen Avery / Paul Sherman / Ross Clark / Julie Beveridge / Ashley Capes / John Koenig / Carmen Keates / Cindy Keong / Tim Sinclair / Chloe Wilson / Pascalle Burton / Nathan Shepherdson / David Stavanger / Ghostboy / Johanna Featherstone / Matt Hetherington / Jeremy Thompson / Angela Gardner / Louise Oxley / Lesley Synge / Max Ryan / Ron Pretty / Jaya Savige / Aidan Coleman / Kevin Gillam / Andy White / Marisa Allen / Eliza Hull / Eleanor Jackson / Bit Booker / Nick Powell / Vladislav Nekliaev / Michelle Dicinoski / Chris Lynch / Betsy Turcot / Nicola Scholes / Sheish Money


Graham Nunn said...

Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Orchid Poems Amanda and being lucky enough to hear them live! See you real soon, Graham

Anonymous said...

Like Graham, looking forward to grabbing a copy, although I won't get to hear them live (hopefully someone will sneak a youtube camera into the venue).

Miss Jane said...

Brilliant! I've placed my order and am very much looking forward to this tasty dish.

The Daily Poet said...

This was really an intelligible and interesting poem. It followed a simple structure (like most of them do) and was thriving with fun.

Jon Sanders said...

Where u at????

Amanda Joy said...

Ha! Hi Jon, it's been quite a while.
I am intending to re-animate Little Glass Pen at the beginning of July & add a poem daily yet again.. :)

Amanda Joy said...

Ha! Hi Jon, it's been quite a while.
I am intending to re-animate Little Glass Pen at the beginning of July & add a poem daily yet again.. :)

NagaRaj Raj said...


Richard said...

Hi Amanda. Many years ago I took my daughter to Rotorua (NZ of course) and there was a video about orchids in one of the botanic places. Darwin's orchid was mentioned. I presume you are referring to the one he predicted he would find as it required a hummingbird with a long tongue to fertilize it. So it found its way into a poem.

I like the way you have handled, the compression, sound remind me in some ways of my friend Leicester Kyle who incorporated botanical language in a longish poem and also HD or Lorine Niedecker.

Some beautiful and interesting poems here as always.