Friday, May 13, 2011

Sandal of Aphrodite Orchid

"Looking at the bag-shaped labellum
of the Paphiopedilum gave me the notion that
it had been left here by some kind of alien"

~Takashi Kijima, photographer, author of Orchids

Follow the italic slope
of his refined constellation, his
vulgar nebula, his search for
the insect-like space man

Be guided by colour
By the scarlet veins at the
throat, where it falls open
Measure all things against
the length of your thumb

and when you want to
know who's been loving

check between the fibres
of Aphrodite's doormat


Miss Jane said...

where the detritus of coitus has fallen?

Jé Maverick said...

Wonderfully wrought, Ms. Joy. And, figuratively speaking, quite evocative.

Miss Jane, whatever would such detritus look like? How forensic. :)

Marinela said...

Wrapped up nicely, enjoyed it :)

Poverty Poems

Zeba said...

I love the images in my head that your words conjure. Beautifully written.