Monday, May 9, 2011

Man Orchid

Be thou opened

Labellum resembling torso
and limbs, head of petals
Simplest accuracy

roar of leaves and her
dog doesn't bark anymore
knowing his smell, sound
of his step

Cluster-like inflorescence
he sees their feet under
the sheet, watches the
half-buried churnings

His lust is pungent and she
can smell him through
the closed window, telepathy
of scent, layered at the mouth

soft tongued and accurate
wired into the word-roots
Orchis Anthropophora


Jhon Baker said...

I love the imagry I get when I close my eyes during this piece to take it all in. I have been loving your poetry as of late and realize how much I've missed it when you don't post.

Amanda Joy said...

Thanks so much for reading Jhon.
I'm realising how much I've been missing posting. There is one big backlog i can tell you. Trying to pace it out a little.. got a little impatient today. :)

Will Windhover said...

Aristotle may have been testy when he 'aequitas'-ed Orchis with a man's

But then 'word-roots' in Oz are 'testy' too :-)

This sounds a bit hurried. Was there a knock from Porlock?

I love it though :-)

Michael said...

Morning Amanda.

Your writings touch me behind my words. I feel more than I sometimes understand.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I'd say you're deeply in love! This makes happy and sad at the same time...amazing ability you have!

Andrew said...

I join the chorus. All praise! All praise!

Amanda Joy said...

Thanks Will, Michael, Ken & Andrew, great to see your faces in here!
I was just snuffling and rummaging around your site AB. :)
Many more to come yet.. I hope you keep reading!

Zeba said...

I love your words.