Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Something Special :)

Dear All,

I have been very quiet lately as life has thrown some interesting lessons my way.. however while I have been looking the other way my words have been found their way to be havened in a most perfect manner by beautiful editor and publisher, Amanda Oaks, of Verve Bath Press.
For your own copy of the hundred printed to have and to hold, please follow this link...
Verve Bath Press

with love


Paul said...

Woohoo, am I the first to buy one? If I send it to you can you sign it and send it back, that would be amazing. Hello again,

Jé Maverick said...

Congrats on your chapbook. I will purchase when I have some money! :)

Paul Squires said...

Amanda Joy! Your gorgeously beautiful, tinily wonderful book of exquisite poems has arrived! Your 'heart will continue to beat like pink feet on red earth' forever in it because it is going straight into my collection of permanent wondrousnesses.

Benjamin Harrell said...

I see why they voted you number one. Good job! Your words have life.

Bullwinkle Muse said...

Hello Amanda,

I recently joined Poetry Blog Rankings in order to have a look at the work of other poets, anticipating a nurturing environment. It was, therefore, a rather rude awakening to encounter so much pettiness there.

I received a number of very low ratings in a very short span, after initially ranking as high as #1. The ranking wasn't all that important. I was just sorely disappointed at how I was greeted by some members there. It clearly had nothing to do with my poetry's worth.

Anyway, I thought I'd drop in and have a look at the poetry whose #1 ranking was so vehemently preserved at my, and several poet/colleagues', expense.

Best of luck.


I would as soon write free verse as play tennis with the net down. ~Robert Frost

Stewart Woods said...

Hi Mandy,

Have been trying to get in touch but your little glass pen address is bouncing.

Can you drop me an email on:


Paul said...

Hello again, Amanda Joy. I hope everything is okay. I miss you.