Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drawn Resting

charcoal rasps
as I try to draw
from memory

a beach near Ise
with soft rocks
that turn to powder
at touch

a gentle slippage
of ritual and


Matt said...

This is very nice. Thank you.

jdglasscock said...

u are so sexy with words

Graham Nunn said...

superb images Amanda... so gentle.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, sensual image.

Amanda Joy said...

Thank you all for your comments.

(rolling eyes at JD)

Gerry Boyd said...

"charcoal rasps
vespers" that's poetry.

last line is perfect resolution.

Maggie May said...

'charcoal rasps' beautiful!!

Walker Pfost said...

i wish i'd written that

Paul said...

Where have you gone to, Amanda Joy, so aptly named? Have you another wonderful poem, or even just a thought to share?

Anonymous said...

Hi, 'with soft rocks that turn to powder,' lovely, Amanda!

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Editor, Diane Smith
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Nabil said...

First poem of yours I have read, but it was great! Keep up the great work.

Loloy said...

great write.

for your poems, I'm a fan.

my fave is Forearm.

*excited to read more of your works*

keep writing..

Paul said...

What a superstar you are. Your poem in Lost Shark is fabulous, Amanda Joy.

Apoorva Dixit said...


bj said...

Simple and beautiful!! keep writing!

I write poems too, mostly about Christian life.

Griselda said...

I have just discovered your blog.It´s very interesting, I like your poems.
I´m from Argentina and I also write poems.

Anthony Souls said...

Love the clam serenity of the poem. I really enjoyed the beach imagery.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Remarkable ooh-aah-imagery. : )

Stephen said...

Mmmm... I like it. Very beautiful.

Disconnected said...

Wonderful flow. I really appreciated this one.