Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Walking Dialogue

Today, I didn’t think,
I didn’t speak,
I walked.

I walked in atonement,
I walked with limbs seeking clemency,
I walked with the eloquence of feet on dry leaves.

I let my eye become an opening
I allowed a penetration,
like music into my body,
I walked to clear choking definitions
I walked to erase a separation

I walked to fabricate another distance,
I walked to secure my own form.

I walked to divine my losses,
I walked to shake a shadow
settling on my light-heartedness.

As I walked my compass
was drawing circles
around a small stone
you’ve been keeping
which belongs to me.


arrowseye said...

walking is good for the soul. Ae x

Adam Stuart said...

Absolutely incredible. It is a treat to read your writings

Amanda Joy said...

Thanks so much both of you, for reading and commenting..
much love