Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Imagined Interiors

Tonight we spoke like a frequency graph,
Like a landscape without edges,
Extruded strokes of light to my lips like fingers
stretching through the architecture of your words.
To cocoon the sounds in my ear longer

I scavenge images to furnish this room
that holds you in sprawling pieces
with feathered edges that overlap and repel.
I smear the walls with my tender vision.

This passage doesn’t permit complexity.
A blocked aperture half-closed
the debris left by a fragment fallen
from the frozen eye of the storm.
It obstructs my view of your dislocation.

Someone coughs in the background.
Your voice lowers to a soft tendril,
I hear your body turn in your sheets
As you describe the darkness
that stares back at you.

In these implicit movements I accrue
the inescapable graduation of weightless light
that reaches from me to you under a heavy winter.

Colour will slide in the morning
over the outline of your refuge.
(like an unfinished house)
Like music climbs through those sounds.


arrowseye said...

your words look good in black....especially these ones..playing with that subtle movement, always connected, moving in, moving out...thats it damn it your poems i look for poetry on the wind and in yours now i see the wind in poetry. AE x.

Ztolk said...

I love your new "home" and hope this posts!

I am in awe of your creativity and humbled to call you a friend. Brad

Doctori said...

Amanda, these poems are timeless!

Amanda Joy said...

Thanks so much for your comments you lot,
I am really enjoying having this space here also.
Eventually I intend to shift off myspace by and large and over here.. stay posted..


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Wonderful last verse!

You would leave lovely MySpace? I enjoy having a presence both places. Though, with all my multiple blogging, I am now doing some duplication.

I find that some people have trouble accessing MySpace, while others don't spend much time anywhere else, so I try to cater for all.

Louise said...

your site looks good - liked the poetry