Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blue Butcher Orchid

for Miss Jane's birthday

Inking the fingers
dialect and echo
Blue Butcher of tongue
peeled from its industry
          from roof of mouth
to reluctant curls
turned slightly left, new
        implication in Orchis
sepal to petal
cupped calyx, funnelled
modified into a lip


Will Windhover said...

Is the persona here a bee?
or a butterfly?

it tastes like no other tea

just buzzing


Miss Jane said...

I am all this, I think. Thank You for the lovely tribute.

erin said...

a wonderful (birthday) tribute.

here by way of Miss Jane.


Amanda Joy said...

I hope your day was delicious Miss Jane!
Love you

Anonymous said...

Such a sharp and shapely offering at the singing-altar of Miss Jane. You have really developed as a poet.- Brendan

Blackbird said...

excellent and inspiring... like you

Ruth said...

Oh that build to the last line. Brava.

Came from Miss Jane's, and a Happy Birthday belatedly to her. What a nice, lasting tribute this lovely poem is.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Dear Amanda I just gave you a Stylish Blogger award, details here: