Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Fairy tales were
what I read before
sleep in her house
From a huge book, left
near the bed

The more people I tell
the more I seem to show

We visit Wave Rock and
Mulka’s Cave with its
handprints and story
of a cross-eyed birth
and devoured children

I want a word
for this place
in my stomach
behind where
tiny feet will press
beneath my ribs

some ganglia, twisted
spaghetti of nerves

You eat scones with
your parents, at the kiosk
Tiny waterholes, writhing
with baby frogs
pocket the rock

I scoop some out
Smell of dead ones
makes me retch,
alone, I get scared
walk back

Overlooked, the ants
Mulka was left to
once he was speared
to death

Words are words
We leave
with a tshirt

If you're anywhere near Brisbane --> Speedpoets


Jhon Baker said...

Good work here, I am on the road now so I will write more later about this. I've been thinking about you lately after I heard of the cyclone. Are you and all concerned okay?

Gerry Boyd said...


Groundcover said...

Words through history, language of tongues, caves as human incubators. This poem asks me to re-read the series.

Alexis said...

This took my breath away....

"I want a word
for this place
in my stomach
behind where
tiny feet will press
beneath my ribs"

Graham Nunn said...

Stunning Amanda... this poem has a real hunger; a consuming beauty. I want to put in a request to have hear this one at SpeedPoets!

Anil P said...

I loved the imagery, especially that involving ants the inteent of the spear.

Anonymous said...

just love your way and ability to mingle so much in one work and give the feeling of looseness.
me to love this stanza
'I want a word
for this place
in my stomach
behind where
tiny feet will press
beneath my ribs'

SaraCrawford.net said...

I really love this, especially the last stanza.

tania lamond said...

i know this sounds sappy but i filled with emotion as i read this. i felt so many mixed emotions. seems you did that day too.

as always, i am in love with your words and how you let us inside your world so beautifully. xx

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


jobey_george said...

>The more people I tell
>the more I seem to show

Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss but surprisingly doesn't mar the tone of this piece at all ;-)

Paul said...

You have been broadcast on youtube, Amanda Joy. Click here to see Amanda Joy reading at Speed Poets in Brisbane

Amanda Joy said...

Ha! Thanks Paul, you big sneak! great to finally meet you, albeit too briefly...


Life tips said...

This is a very nice poem - outstanding. You are very talented - I have really enjoyed reading it.

gleenn said...

A free verse so deep, I am challenged to interpret.

I have a poetry blog too, glee in pen: poetry. If you've time, please do have a look and if you like what you see, I would love to exchange links with you. :)

Benjamin Sawon said...

Hey Amanda,

Thanks for your kind words, in poetry and on my blog! It was awesome seeing you on stage in Brissie and meeting you.

I have placed a link to your site on my blog and was wondering if you could reciprocate or replicate, whichever is easier for you.
Here's the link...


J.L. Johnson said...

I love your poetry. For anyone who would like check out my blog www.apoeticmuse.blogspot.com

The Secret Poet said...

Lovely stuff. I love how truncated the lines are.

KJ said...

Some interesting poems here. Thanks for sharing them, will have to read some more!

Arian Rey Tejano said...

I came into your empty room and heard and I love every word. lol This is really good! I love and I mean love the flow. You are a natural poet. Think I'll keep this one.


Anonymous said...

I like your poems..Kudos to you.. And i think this gurl has some similarity to you in writing poem.. Do check out some of the poems in her blog...


Buffi Neal said...

My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

Short Poems said...

Nicely written, I enjoyed it :)

Paul said...

Amanda Joy! Your poem in Bolts of Silk is superb. Juliet has such impeccable taste.

Dasuntoucha said...

Your words definitely leave an impression on the mind...ONE::

lifetangler said...

Love your style of writing! Wish I had this skill!

Eileen T O'Neill - Written Words said...


Wonderful words, laced with emotion.


Liliya Mazur said...

If you have time, check out my poetry...i'd like to know what you think :) www.liliyamazur.blogspot.com