Monday, March 8, 2010


In my grandmother’s house
was a ginger cat, too fat
to walk, which no one admitted
ever feeding

Seven months and
still not showing

I have to shuffle my feet
through the soft lolling bodies
to bang on the roof, stop.
I can feel blood and fur
drying on my ankles as
I get out of the tray to piss

In the graded paddock
there’s nowhere to hide

I hear the returned focus as
behind me the torches catch
another set of eyes, sharp
cracks and ricochet fracture
the hard night

A cat, feral, screaming
now, sharpening
the air with pain
now and the boys
are laughing as I walk

Your face pale and
tight as the moon
I grab your gun

push past the boys elbowing
each other proudly and aim
at its head

As it slumps, the silence
releases us. You’re smiling
at your Dad, who’s jumping
around like a shot
rabbit- Jeez she can shoot
-My lad knocked up
a good one.

For what it means,
I grew up with guns


Jhon Baker said...

This is great, I can feel it in strange places.
I take it that this is part of a whole like the last. I would love to embrace the entirety of it.

Amanda Joy said...

Yes, this is a series I'm trying to nut out.
Any feedback at all is really appreciated,
very grateful for your previous thoughts Jhon.
Thanks again


Larry Kuechlin said...

I really like the way you set the narrative on these. Different poetry for you, in a way...and still very interesting to read.


Jé Maverick said...

Jolly good work, Ms. Joy. I love their...their Australianness!

Do I smell a poetic novel in the works? ;)

Amanda Joy said...

@Larry Thanks you.. but if I had a dollar for every time you said "this is different for you", I'd be a very wealthy woman! ;)


@Jolly Je Good! :)
Thanks you, and yes, kinda sorta kinda.


Zazie said...
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Zazie said...

Hi Amanda,

I stumbled across your poems&became completely captivated. Wonderful work!

jobey_george said...

Just starting to read through the poems on this page... just starting to absorb it... But it's already obvious that you know how to nail a last line, they're all fabulous! Love the colloquialisms too.