Monday, December 1, 2008


to thought

swollen bulb

mouth to valve

words that barely
fit in
the throat

drop to



Graham Nunn said...

spare and delicate. 'words that barely fit in the throat' - this is superb. G

S.L. Corsua said...

Ditto to the previous comment. This is a sensuous, succinct piece. The line "words that barely/ fit in/ the throat" is indeed a keeper. Cheers. Have a blessed new year ahead.

Richard Taylor said...


Hi! Good blog here - great poems and images!

Creeley lives!

(I met him here in Auckland once BTW)...

I am going to link your Blog to mine (easier to get to for me and others can see it) - I have some interesting links on there (EYELIGHT) if you want to follow any of them up.

Cheers, Rcihard

mountain-ash said...

Hi Amanda, this is great. The sparse layout really adds to the power to the image.

I love the ending too, the way it seems to go perfectly flat, and the 'swollen bulb to thumbprint' is great!


Gabriel Gadfly said...

Nicely done. Like others have said, my favorite bit is the "words that barely / fit in / the throat" part.

tanuj solanki said...

i really liked this one Amanda... Its a different voice here... refreshing!