Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What Have You

A lean beast
in a recurring dream
feeding on sound

It wasn’t here
Never even passing

It touched me in the way
a lover’s words do
when they talk in their sleep

When their tongues don’t

Hulled seeds of truths
Sluggish buds

Before the trap of morning-
the questions of daylight-
the tallying of proof
with dusk closing
around each certainty

Scalloped into my thoughts
by soft arched words
a gentle query arranges itself
in the emptiness of my mouth

The pulse behind my eyes
measures quiet in vowels
quickly swallowed


Jannette said...

A lean and beautiful beast.
You already know that I loved the vowels in this and
how they are arranged and take form
even in the emptiness.


bruce_dorlova said...

and furthermore