Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Implausible Fiction

The sky opened today
with your exhalation.
Lips against mine,
filling my lungs with your unspent air.
We dim-darkened together.
Your dry lips,
I feel the wetness behind them.
We whisper like lovers-
kisses, not because, no
I’ve never made love to you
I feared the hooks, the barbs, the lures
No gills, gasping, arching.
Not because I feared you’d pull me up
to the surface to flap around on your deck.

Kisses, not because, no,
I feared I’d bring down your ship
with me fathoms deep
and drown us both in inky,
bedouin dreams projected on bed sheet screens.
Not that any of this is real
except that I feared.
I see you paper cut wince.
It might hurt more than this,
calculating clever-less.


Adam Stuart said...

tricky and surprising....As my mornings are made better waking up to your poetry, so will my slumber, as I make this my last read before drifting off to dream....you are a wonderful far-away friend Amanda whose words I treasure dear

satinwhitedog said...

that final stanza is poetry at its finest. the way you created the power of the 'depths' dragging the ship. implausible fiction, indeed. again, stunning structure. images, language, word choices are seasoned. the translation of the soulful conversations to the page, has been done with stunning accuracy. Very good write. really, very good.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Reading, I become complicit. Or more, as if I am you.