Friday, January 18, 2008

We Entwine

I had an inkling
More than delicate tears
and soft lips

More than a sip
from your golden malice

Unfettered by affection
Surrounded by miser’s smiles

In the aftertaste
of your voracious tongue

The rolling apples
of your words

the dimly vanishing

The common language
of selfish flesh


Anonymous said...

Your words are like strawberries mixed with apple candy....
Busous sweety Busous

Ben said...

Wonderful words as usual Amanda. Ben

The Windhover said...

Are you now 'savaging' Eros to rescue the spirit from the selfish chains of ego pleasures?

Your little glass pen cuts clear and sheer, dear.

Searing intensity staring down the wild calls.

brad said...

those rolling apples sound dangerously delicious. this poem is on fire, Amanda. well done!

Anonymous said...

A sad dance this.


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...


I particularly like 'malice' instead of 'chalice', and 'Unfettered by affection'.