Monday, November 26, 2007

The Right Moment

Can I reveal to you my gestures
through this writing.

I want to show you my hand,
As it rests now in my lap,
Fingers softly curled,
Upturned like a cup.

As the other makes these shapes
Which I will later tap tap type
with two stiff fingers.

Read them now and retrace
That path of meaning, back
through keypad, paper, pen
hands, lap, arms

Back to the point
of its conception

Back to this moment
Which was right.

We can adjust the rest


solis ten said...

Brilliant writing!

Henry Long said...

An intimate guided meditation into creation. Lovely!

Amanda Joy said...

Michel and Henry.. thankyou so much.. so great to see both of your art and poetry in here also..


Victoria Fotios said...

i finally sorted myself out an got over here... i am very glad I did.. it is lovely to see your writing here.

much love


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Love it! I like the slant rhymes and echoes, and the way it moves.

Btw, ha ha, glad you too type with two fingers!

Paul said...

Where have you gone to Amanda Joy? I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amanda

The National Library of Australia is interested in contacting the author of this blog with regard to its possible inclusion within PANDORA: Australia's Web Archive. We were unsuccesful with the email address in your profile (kept getting a 'failure notice') and are requesting that if you are interested in your blog being archived that you contact us at: webarchive [at]
You can see more details on the Archive at the link below.